How Voicenotes supercharged my note-taking workflow.

    Until recently, I was using the Supernote to quickly get ideas out of my head, but that has changed. I’m now double-taping the back of my Pixel and recording them on Voicenotes.

    I recently published a video explaining how the app works, and you can watch it below. Basically, you record something and the AI will transcribe it. The coolest part, though, is asking anything to Voicenotes and getting answers based on your notes.

    Getting contextual answers was already great, but a recently released feature brought things to another level. Now, when you open a note by tapping or clicking its title, you’ll see a list of notes related to that note.

    However, that was not available when I started using Voicenotes and was trying to figure out what the app could do. One of the tests I did was record all the ideas that came to mind while I was preparing myself to have a conversation with Jijo Sunny, Voicenotes co-founder.

    My original plan was to ask the app to show me a summary of my ideas for the conversation. But, days before the interview recording, when I sat down to work on the script, I decided to use the new ‘Related Notes’ feature. It blew my mind.

    Because I was always starting my notes with something similar to “more ideas for my conversation with Jijo” the app easily found all the related notes. Then, it was just a matter of pasting them into Obsidian and refining everything. This process saved me so much time, when compared to how I was writing the scripts before.

    The best part was that I didn’t have to go to a specific note or folder in Obsidian to write down the ideas, nor did I need to “translate” them into written sentences. It was much faster because I could just talk about any of my video ideas. The order or where the notes were didn’t matter at all. In the end, the AI did a fantastic job putting them together.

    The first attempt was so successful, I decided to try the process with other scripts, and it’s working flawlessly. All I have to do is remember to include the possible title or subject of the video to help the AI group the notes in the future.

    I’m still using the Supernote for many other things, but this quick capture and future refinement using Obsidian has been working too well to ignore. You can see it for yourself. One of the final results of this new workflow is shown in the video below. Almost everything I asked Jijo was captured using Voicenotes.

    But keep in mind that this workflow is just one possible scenario. I’ve been seeing so many use cases. If you’re already using it, tell us how, and if not, maybe give it a try (there’s a free plan). It might surprise you.

    As for the double-tap, I’m not sure if that’s available on all Android phones, but on my Pixel it is under the “Gestures” setting, and it’s called “Quick tap to start action”.

    VCP 6 - Voicenotes: The Inspiring Story & Future Plans (with: Jijo Sunny)

    In this conversation, we explore the journey of Voicenotes, from its inspiring origins to its exciting future. Jijo Sunny talks about his journey and how Buy Me a Coffee and Voicenotes came about. As well as many other details, such as why he thinks voice is better than note-taking, new features, privacy, user requests, the possibility of Voicenotes venturing into the Fediverse and so much more.


    The journey of #Voicenotes, from its inspiring origins to its exciting future.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and the post-recording chat, which could have easily been another podcast episode. Jijo Sunny, shares his personal journey history and how Buy Me a Coffee and Voicenotes came to be, as well as many other details. We even elaborated on the possibility of Voicenotes venturing into the Fediverse and so much more.

    I had an incredible conversation with Jijo Sunny, co-founder of #Voicenotes.

    Early today, I had an incredible conversation with Jijo Sunny, co-founder of Buy Me a Coffee and Voicenotes. He talked about his story and background, how both products came to be, and some ideas and features for the future. And naturally, I had to use the opportunity to try and convince him to make both products compatible with ActivityPub.

    The video and the podcast episode will be released in a few days. So, if you enjoy this type of content, please ensure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel or podcast.

    A modern note-taking app that gets to the point | #Voicenotes

    What if you could take all your notes using only your voice? What if AI could transcribe your voice notes, find any information, and even help you create lists, to-dos, blog posts, and more? For someone like me, Voicenotes reliance on AI is concerning. But maybe that’s precisely what you’ve been looking for.