This website, along with the videos on my YouTube Channel, my Blog posts, and Medium articles, are intended to disseminate knowledge and bring awareness to my consulting business.

What and how you’ll learn

I am passionate about learning and sharing what I have learned. The topics I cover are extensive, but ultimately, they have to inspire me. I have to be passionate about them.

Sometimes we’ll learn together as I go; other times I’ll share the whole story, going through the steps that lead to the final outcome. In both scenarios, everything you read, listen to, or see is susceptible to mistakes. After all, I’m only human. So, please, do your own research.


I do not collect or use any personal data from visitors, but I do use Google’s Analytics, and they collect and use your data as described in Google’s terms of use.

Every other day, companies contact me, offering a partnership to promote their products or services on my YouTube Channel. I say no to the vast majority of inquires because I only partner with companies that have products or services that can add value to my audience.

I eventually reach out to companies that provide services or sell products that I use and love.

I have never shared sponsored content on social media, this website, or Medium. If that happens in the future, this page will be updated, and the shared content will include a disclaimer.

If you represent a company interested in sponsoring my content, please click here.


The ‘paid product’ placement on some of my YouTube videos doesn’t necessarily mean I was paid to produce that video. You’ll find all the official details on this page, but to give you an idea of how broad it is, even if I receive free of charge software, I must turn on the ‘paid product’ placement.

All links to Amazon that I provide are affiliate links, and I make every effort to include a disclaimer. But again, I’m only human, and this Ethics Statement page is also intended to serve as a backup for memory flaws.

I don’t participate in campaigns like Prime Day or similar ones. I only share links to products and services that I use and love.

There will eventually be affiliated links to services I’m unable to test, like ActiveWords, which is only available on Windows. However, as previously mentioned, a disclaimer will be included. And I will only add such links after extensive research about the company and user opinions about it.


I have an ongoing partnership with Evernote that is in course since 2012, but I never received any financial incentive from the Evernote Corporation or Bending Spoons. However:

  1. My Evernote account is free because all Certified Experts are eligible for a free account;
  2. I have created paid content for Evernote’s YouTube Channel;
  3. When I went to the 2012, 2013, and 2014 conferences, Evernote paid for the ticket and all travel expenses.
About the partnership

In 2012, I was invited to the Ambassador’s Program; in 2014 I became one of the first Evernote Certified Consultants in the world, and currently I’m an Evernote Expert. Along the way, I was invited to attend the Evernote Conferences of 2012, 2013, and 2014, where I spoke on the panel ‘Achieving Your Best Work with Evernote Business’. Furthermore, I am eventually invited to share my opinion about future products and features with the Evernote team.

Last updated

January 1, 2024.