Heads up! Evernote Legacy is no more.

Are you still using Evernote legacy? I suggest you read this post on Evernote’s blog because all versions before 10 on macOS, Windows, and Android will stop working on March 23, 2024. The iOS version has already been decommissioned. Jon Tromans also wrote a great article about it.

mental detour

The other day, the YouTube algorithm led me into a rabbit hole about devices where we can only do one thing: type. Most of them have a small screen and a keyboard. That’s it. After watching more videos about this topic than I should have, I couldn’t stop thinking about how different people are.

That would never work for me. I frequently need to escape from my writing when I’m stuck. And if I’m being honest, I’m always escaping, regardless of what I’m doing. Distractions are an integral part of my creative process. I need them!

Okay, time to get back to the article I was working on 🫣

It took me some time, but I was able to create a system that automatically backs up my #blog articles and short posts (including this one!) on #Obsidian and, at the same time, cross-posts them to different social media sites.


🎁 My #birthday is in about a week, and you can give me a gift for free. If you like the experiments and experiences I share on my #YouTube channel, please subscribe. We are very close to 5K subscribers 🎉


Good morning. I’m just posting this to screen capture it for a video I’m working on about Obsidian as my hub to publish content online. Have a lovely week.

After a lot of digital archeology using the Way Back Machine, I found the first episode of my first #podcast, published on May 10, 2005 😮. It was my first episode ever, so it’s obviously not good at all. But, honestly, it is not as terrible as I expected 😊.

After importing notes from #Evernote into #Obsidian, the typed portion of the notes will be placed in a folder, while the images and other files will be located in another folder. But is this the best way to keep everything in Obsidian organized?


Good morning. This is just a test of one feature of Micro publish.