L'arbre des 3 Frontières

    Thanks to the Schengen Agreement, I started my day in Luxembourg, visited France for a while, and then had lunch in Germany. The fact that anyone in the EU can freely cross borders is a wonderful thing that should never be taken for granted.

    MacGyvering a broken suitcase.

    The plan was to contrast two realities that couldn’t be more far apart, by spending a couple of days in Berlin after our long journey across India by train.

    It’s January, and since the weather was the opposite in both countries, we had to bring two very different types of clothes. That’s why we are traveling with a suitcase that isn’t the appropriate size for trains.

    Long story short, always dragging it sideways on train hallways and then pulling it on the rough terrain around the stations damaged the wheels and turned it into a limping suitcase. Although it was far worse than driving with a flat tier, it didn’t make sense to fix it because it would break again. But now that we are in Berlin, I decided to take a look at the situation.

    I thought the wheels were just jammed, but that wasn’t the case. Two of them lost almost all of their bearing spheres, and there’s no way I can fix that with the tools I brought with me.

    After some investigation, I was able to dismantle the axle and reposition one good wheel on each side. I was happy to have a working rolling suitcase again, but the wheels were too loose and that was not going to last long. The solution was to MacGyver it by cutting pieces of a pen barrel, which I used as a spacer. And that worked like a charm.