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    @balterwenjamin42 Welcome on board. As for the video, it's a setup I tailored to meet my needs, but I believe it can serve as a source of inspiration. 

  • @help Update. This worked partially. 👇

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    @help Do you think this is related to the fact that my new blog is using a subdomain ( of the domain used on my old blog ( Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot this?

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    @help There's no social networks connected on the new blog. The problem is happening on the old blog (, where everything was working fine before.

  • @manton @help Is everything okay with the cross-posting feature? After creating a new blog it stoped working here. I have already disconnected and reconnected all accounts and that didn't help. Also, the "Show cross-posting" option only refreshes the page.

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    @otaviocc As for that extra website on the Premium subscription, would you be able to have a different domain or subdomain for the site?