After a few weeks, I thought this was a failed attempt to propagate this plant, but I kept watering the vase to keep the dirt from drying out. Now look at this. I am always astonished by how #nature tries to find its way, as if trying to tell us that, given the conditions, life will thrive. Especially during #spring.

    A small plant with fresh green leaves is sprouting from a pot, with blurred background elements including another potted plant and an object blurred in the distance.

    Hello #Spring 2024

    Spring 2022

    As in so many other countries, the first of May is Labor Day in Portugal. However, there’s also an old tradition linked to this date. It’s known as “Dia das Maias” (Maias' Day). In fact, it all starts on the 30th of April, when people put yellow genisteae bushes outside windows and front doors.

    There are several theories that explain the origins of this tradition, most of them connected to religion. As an amateur gardener, what resonates with me the most is the symbolism of the end of the winter.

    🌱 I love the way plants respond to spring. It feels so magic

    Unfortunately, we don’t have giestas amarelas (yellow genisteae) bushes, but my wife picked-up some yellow flowers early today when she was walking our dog.