L'arbre des 3 Frontières

    Thanks to the Schengen Agreement, I started my day in Luxembourg, visited France for a while, and then had lunch in Germany. The fact that anyone in the EU can freely cross borders is a wonderful thing that should never be taken for granted.

    A thoughtful gift for my father.

    Before smartphones, my father would always have a pen and notepad like this one in his shirt’s front pocket. Not only that, but he would use them to explain anything I asked him about, drawing and writing every single detail while talking to me.

    He always said, “You should write it down if you don’t want to forget it." I guess it worked. It seems there’s no other explanation; I got into taking notes because of him.

    Have you had the chance to listen to my conversation with Jon on the Triple T Productivity podcast? I am currently on the trip I mentioned, and today I came across this small notepad that I immediately bought for his birthday tomorrow. It’s not exactly like the ones he used to have, but I believe it will bring him good memories.