My very first computer was a second-hand Apple II+ clone that I absolutely adored. As for the astonishing accessories, all I ever had the chance to experience were the beautiful pictures in magazines. The computer and a disk drive were as far as I got. So, I did what people my age do, I guess. I bought an old Apple II. But this time, I went for the top of the line. A IIe.

Even though I don’t have any training in electronics, soldering, or any of the many other skills I will need, I decided I would fix it because it arrived dead. The list of problems is endless, and I’ll do what I always do in situations like this. Break it up into smaller problems and solve them one at a time.

I am taking many notes and pictures to document the process, but I am not always able to share my discoveries in real-time. This is why I created this space. The dates in the list[1] below represent the actual moment in time, which is why they do not always coincide with the publication date.


📜 2023

📜 2022


[1] There are many gaps in the timeline above, especially in 2022. I'll keep adding more posts, pictures, and videos. You can see the progress by checking back often and following me on the Fediverse: