Recent quality-of-life improvements to Evernote are making my system even better.

Better Synchronization

Remember that video I published a few months ago about Evernote moving away from the monolith? If you haven’t watched it, think of the project as a lot of work under the hood to enhance the user experience.

Evernote has taken another big step in that project. Synchronization is currently being upgraded to a more modern system. All web clients have already been upgraded and the rollout of desktop and mobile apps is already underway. This is huge news!

All of my apps have recently been upgraded, and after a few days of testing, I’m amazed at how efficient synchronization is now. The video below explains how to know if your account is already running the new system.

Mobile Clients

Based on the results of a recent poll on my YouTube channel, most of you are using the new Create page on the mobile client to create your notes. 

That’s not my case. As you already know, I have the app on my phone set to always open on the Shortcuts page, where I have access to the notebooks I use most of the time. In other words, I always open a notebook first, and then I create a note. So much so that I simply don’t remember the Create page exists and rarely go there.

Evernote 10.95.2 (mobile) underwent minor cosmetic modifications that I am in love with. If you go to the notes page, you’ll see a “new note” icon in the bottom-right corner. The same is true for notebooks, tags, and tasks. Not the calendar, though. At least for now. But don’t worry, it’s coming.

The shortcuts page was also upgraded. It’s a small change, but I also loved it. The list of recent notes is now gone, and that translates into more space for my shortcuts, which are a pivotal element of my new system.

You can find further information about the new features and my thoughts in the video below.