Even before the DMA came into effect, Android users could choose and set their preferred browser, SMS app, and more. This can be done by going to Settings > Apps > Default app. Now, Google has announced that note-taking applications will also be included in the list.

There will be a shortcut on the lock screen to open the note-taking app without having to unlock the device. It looks similar to the Apple Notes feature on the iPad. But unlike Apple’s walled garden, users will be able to choose their preferred note-taking app.

There are some adjustments to the app that must be made, which are explained in this I/O 2024 video. What I didn’t get is whether this is an Android feature or just meant for tablets running Android.

Even if it’s only for tablets, I think all companies that make note-taking apps should implement the changes needed to use this new feature. We, the users, will appreciate it.