Some people keep journals, I jot notes down multiple times a day. Together, they form a digital timeline I’ve been crafting since 1999, when I picked up a Palm IIIx. Now, a Supernote is being added to my note-taking workflow.

I first learned about it on cam shand’s YouTube channel, and immediately noticed it checks so many boxes on what I had in mind for a device like this.

Firstly, it is user-serviceable, and as you already know, I like to make, adapt, and fix things myself. Then, there’s the e-Ink screen, the type I prefer on my devices. They not only make reading comfortable, they check another box on my list: battery life. Like my watch and Kindle, I’m expecting the Supernote’s battery to last for a long time between charges.

Have I told you there’s no need to charge the stylus?

I have many ideas I would like to explore and numerous experimental projects I plan to do, such as connecting it to Obsidian. I’m not sure how many of them I will be able to accomplish, but you are joining me on this journey. We’re going to learn how to use it, as we creatively push it to its limits.

If this is a topic you are interested in, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned. The first video about the Supernote will be released next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!