It’s all about how we use it

The year is 2012, and I brought a real camera to the Evernote Conference to make sure I would end up with good pictures. It was a wise move, but there was a problem with this one picture.

The small display of the camera might have made me believe everything was okay, but the picture I asked someone passing by to take of Phil Libin and me ended up being blurry. I think you can imagine my disappointment when I transferred the pictures to my computer later that day. It was the only one I had with him, so I kept it.

Fast-forward to the era of AI…

The other day, I was searching for a picture to test the Google Photos unblur feature, and I thought of the one with Phil Libin. Google Photos fixed it in seconds with a single click. I’m impressed. That’s so cool.

Before and after pictures

Original picture from 2012

Picture fixed by AI in 2023