The app shows me the circle on the map, pointing me to the approximate position of where it is. I know I’m close to it because I can see the option to make it chime when I approach the area.

For the past couple of days, I have been walking around that spot, staring at my phone and the ground below, as if I were chasing a Pokémon that isn’t there. Despite walking the entire perimeter many times, I never received a signal higher than ‘Moderate’ and could never hear it chiming.

It is a gas station I usually go to; the app tells me I’m in the Bluetooth range, and I even asked inside if they found it. The lost and found box has many keys but no Tiles. Which makes me wonder how people drove from the gas station after losing their keys. Anyway, I have my own problems.

Maybe it is inside a drain. I don’t know. But it’s embarrassing that I lost the device that was supposed to help me find my keys, which I still have.