During 10 years working on IT projects and solutions for the Brazilian telecom industry I realized how unorganized and unproductive people and companies can be. In 2012 I started a company to help business become organized and productive using the appropriate methodologies, techniques or frameworks and tools like Google G Suite, Evernote, Trello and others.


In 2012 I also published the best-seller "Organizando a vida com o Evernote" (Getting life organized with Evernote) and became an Evernote Ambassador. In 2013 I started the podcast "Diário de um elefante" (Elephant's journal) about Evernote and productivity and in 2014 I became one of the world's first Evernote Business Consultant and the first Brazilian with this title.

In 2017 the podcast "Diário de um elefante" was converted to a YouTube Channel where I share hight quality content about Evernote and other technologies and Apps that help people and companies on the journey to become organized and productive.

Evernote fans are a passionate bunch. But then there’s Vladimir Campos, an Evernote enthusiast in Brazil who turned his affection for organizing notes into a full-time job. As an Evernote Certified Consultant, Vlad helps entrepreneurs make the leap to organizing paperless offices.
— Evernote

During this period I've been invited by Evernote to 3 of the 4 international conferences in San Francisco and in the 2014 edition I presented in the panel Achieving Your Best Work with Evernote Business.

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