Vladimir Campos

I'm an Economist specialized in Project Management with a MBA in International Relations. I love History and Charles Darwin's Evolution Theory. Travelling is a passion! I'm a writer, consultant, Evernote Travel Ambassador and Evernote Business Certified Consultant (EBCC).

My fist computer back in the 80's was an Apple II and after exploring it for a while I understood that technology is best used as a tool to make personal and professional lives pleasant and enjoyable. In 1999 I started a web portal about Palm devices and found a company to develop software for PDAs. In 2005 I became one of the first Brazilian podcasters and nowadays I run two shows (iTech Hoje and Diário de um elefante).

I worked for 10 years (2000-2010) managing projects and corporate solutions related to palmtops and GSM phones. In addition I have a passion to write. In 2012 my Evernote book (Organizando a vida com o Evernote®) became #1 at Amazon Brazil and #4 at iTunes Store Brazil.

In 2012 I started another company, Campos & Torres Consultoria, to assists other companies and individuals with several technologies and consulting services.